When we bought the boat in 2016, she had been stripped down ready for a major refit. The previous owner found that he did not have the time and decided to sell the boat as it was. We started to put her back together. We put back most of the deck fittings. We had new acrylic windows made and fitted them. We varnished the topsides but, sadly, we too have decided that we are not able to complete the work and have decided to sell her on.

Here is a rough list of the work that needs to be carried out.

  • The rigging appears to be present and ready to be refitted
  • New guardrails are required
  • Three small locker tops need to be replaced in the cockpit
  • There is a binnacle compass that needs to be refitted
  • The winches are present and need to be refitted
  • There is a curved piece of wood above the companionway that needs to be replaced
  • The engine needs to be remounted
  • There are no batteries
  • There is no electric system
  • There is no toilet
  • There is no cooker
  • There are no instruments
  • There are no foam inserts